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PearlCASK single malt bracelet are made from ex Scottish whisky barrels. Alowing you to wear a piece of whisky history! Each bracelet is unique and handmade. 

FREE ENGRAVING, get in touch to get your name or initials laser engraved!

Size of the beads : approx. 15mm

PearlCASK Dark oak, Big beads

  • Measure your wrist and then check the chart below :

    Wrist Measurement : Bracelet size Approximate Bracelet size
    7" / 18cm S 7.5" / 19cm
    8" / 20cm M 8.5" / 21cm
    9" / 23 cm L 9.5" / 24cm


    We can also adjust it to your specific measurement, any question or query, please send us an email to

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