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PearlCASK is a unique project. The strength of a 30+ years old ex-bourbon barrel in a precious wooden pearl, worn around your wrist. Born in the USA for Bourbon and then used for decades to mature single malt in Scotland, this is a genuine piece of whisky history for woman and men who love something authentic.

Handmade by Faitmaiz in Vienna, Austria, with Scottish spirit and a touch of French flair.


PearlCASK is full of soul. After 30+ years in warehouse maturing a single malt, it offers a fantastic wood grain with a rustic look. Due to your natural skin oils, the more you wear it, the more it will get this sublime patina finish. The detail is in the 950 sterling silver ring that we insert in one of the pearl to symbolize the hoops of the barrel it was once part of. Do you remember it was a whisky cask?

This PearlCASK model has a solid oak colour. Handmade small wooden pearls from a 30+ years single malt barrel. For you to keep the whisky cask authenticity and wear a genuine part of its history.


This model has been charred to remind you the inside of a barrel. It's part of the whisky maturation process that gives the whisky such a unique taste. This PearlCASK model is a reminder of this authentic technique used by coopers for centuries.

This is the single PearlCASmodel.

Elegant, discreet, sober but retaining the whisky barrel strength, enabling you to wear a genuine piece of whisky history.

PearlCASK single Black_edited.png

You want to wear your own PearlCASK bracelet ?

It is in our shop online !

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