Faitmaiz ArtWORK combines all of my artistic passions and "savoir faire" into exclusive contemporary canvas. Inspired from a Bar-rel or designed from scratch in collaboration with you, those unique and personalised paintings are here to capture time and tell about our different experiences. Bringing back memories, using your story, creating a piece that is yours.

Handmade and designed  by Faitmaiz in Vienna, Austria, with Scottish spirit and a touch of French flair.

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Faitmaiz ArtWORK Macka-Lan


All started in the workshop when Jeremy told me about his absolute favourite Whisky distillery. A Masterclass later, Bar-rel 98 was born. An exceptional Ex Sherry Hogshead Cask, used last to mature Single Malt in one of the most famous Speyside Distillery in Scotland. This canvas has been created using a photograph of the genuine cask end laying on the floor in the workshop during the build . This was part of his wonderful journey, now never to be forgotten


This creation is inspired from Bar-rel 100, in collaboration with The Mountain Seed Foundation, to help the children and family of Ukraine during this difficult time. Named after one of the founder, using a photograph of my daughter and myself. This canvas is a tribute to all the dads in this world, with the faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains.

More infos : https://mountainseedfoundation.org 

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Today what does not require time? Time is the most valuable, don't wast it capture it! This canvas is a mix between a family timepieces story and Bar-rel 101 wood grain. Inspired from a photograph of my own watches and my Pearlcask displayed in the Bar-rel, I wanted to capture a wonderful "Bistoufly" moment. I love my family, I love watches!


Is a creation inspired from Bar-rel 103 top cask end design. An Ex Sherry Hogshead Cask used last to mature Single Malt at the Mortlach Distillery in Scotland. Bill and Marita wished to remember their time spend in Vienna through this graphic featuring the Austrian coat of arms. It's represented with the broken chain, symbol of Austria's liberation.



A beautiful customised project for Emily, screenwriter/director and producer  at "Shewolffilms". Inspired from one of her photograph, this is a tribute to her beloved horse. More infos : https://shewolffilms.com

Faitmaiz ArtWORK Emily
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Inspired from Bar-rel 97, one of the most intricate creation I've ever built. The first personalised bar-rel door! And many more details. What a challenge, this battle will talk to the fans.

But be aware...  "Your eyes can deceive you; don't trust them."  Obi-Wan Kenobi



One of Faitmaiz first collaboration, Bill's bespoke cigar box, engraved with Ross at The Altered State . Back in the days! I just wanted to remember that time. Inspired from Bill Binder's Logo and spirit! Thank you to everyone that believe and support Faitmaiz during the years!

More infos : https://bindersstash.com 

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