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I’ve decided to paint “Caledonice” to enter the Fine Art Minted Challenge. And what best than a challenge to tackle another challenge.. Caledonice is born following ten consecutive days of me taking an Ice Bath Barrel. Dipping myself into a whisky cask filled up with ice water. Each sessions lasted between 3 to 8 min and I’ve only painted the canvas while in the water. I wanted to push myself and come up with something new and unique. Using also stencils designed with the CO2 laser, 24 Karats Gold leaf and power tools to paint. I wanted to bring in this painting all what I have been thinking and dreaming about this last year but never took the time to realise. A tribute to my time spent in Scotland, Caledonian Landscape, highland cow and Dara Knot are the symbols. This is also to all the artists that also have a family to look after, learning about myself and hopefully inspire some others.



If you’re still watching this is because you might think I’m crazy but also because you wonder what I am doing in ice cold water, painting…

Well this is about understanding the power of our mind and the way we can trick ourselves in challenging situations.

I’ve committed to myself to paint a canvas and submit it on the current minted challenge. Everyday I’ll go into my barrel ice bath and only while in the water I’ll be allowed to continue and finish this painting.

Challenge you say, YES, father of 3, keeping the household and the pets on track, my time is precious and I need to focus on what’s best for the family and for my work. This combination of ice bath and painting will help me focus on the canvas while being in a challenging environment! I’m also looking for a source of motivation as I’ve committed to myself and now to you about this. The only failure is giving up!

Now you like to help, I love your support, let me know what colors next to use, if you have any suggestions, feel free to share and follow me.

Let me know how I can help you getting your first ice bath or how to motivate each other if you already practice this amazing experience. Let me know what you think!

See you tomorrow!


Day 2

Hey! You again! So much snow here!

Day number 2 for this crazy ice bath challenge painting!

So after taking the kids for basketball this morning it was time for me to set the goals!

Daniella said yellow and turquoise for the next colors, so here it is! But I couldn’t resist to add  a touch of faitmaiz with it!

I present you Hacksaw, my absolute favorite tool was going to help me again today. Haven’t done a test, just grabbed it in the workshop and thought.. it will be ok!

So here you see me struggling a bit but still learning how to use my new paint brush, trying not to cut the canvas.. or myself!

But you know what, today isn’t really about the painting, but more about family.

I’m so grateful to have such amazing kidos and summer was the first one yesterday to say to me, I’ll do it Dady! I’ll do it with you!

I’m so proud of her. She is 8 years old and already pushing boundaries. Go sum!

Thank you for your strong support! You did it!

Let me know what you’ll like to see me doing next… if you like to join! Thank you all for your amazing solidarity. See you tomorrow, together!



Day 3 of the ice barrel painting challenge. This morning I stopped at the DIY shop on the way to schools… had a nice walk with the dogs in the forest and then it was time to break some ice! It was so thick, I had to use some force!! And I started to overthink… today I really didn’t want to go in it…. But I that’s what happens to all of us! Some days, it’s hard to get things done. But if you decide to commit and believe that you’re not alone on that journey, then you have to carry on. You have to do it for the others and for yourself.

Tape mesure painting heeeeinn! Why I thought it would work better than an axe?

Well that wasn’t as easy as I thought. And it’s definitely not suitable with one hand! The tape tangled, and after a few strokes, it started to jam and I had to improvise. The result isn’t bad! I imagined thin lines, across to give some depth to the background and I’m really happy with it.

Today the ice bath got me, one of the hardest so far! But I’m looking forward to hear back from you and continue this experience together! Shall I use another power tool???

See you tomorrow!



Welcome to Day 4 of the ice bath painting challenge. Yesterday we were invited to taste some pretty amazing drams at the Balvenie Pop-up boutique in the city. Boom!

I had to tackle some jobs this morning after kids drop off. Man it’s cold in the workshop!

Quick peek, you see me prepping the deck for Dan, amazing Artist, you’ll meet him on Saturday in the ice too!

You know what I also love about this challenge is that I have to come up quickly, every day, with some new ideas, new techniques for the canvas and for you! I love brainstorming! This one, never thought it would work as good. I’ve used the cow design I drew for the canvas in Aberdeen whisky shop new tasting room. Some frog tape, pinch of CO2 laser, you understand why I didn’t do that in the ice! Now was time to not ruin the job! I was pretty tense! And it took ages!!!! And peeling the tape… with wet hands… ahhhh You mentioned I could use some sand paper today, that’s what I came up with. Using the char for whisky barrel stave, it gives a cool texture to the cow!

To thank you all for being on the rope, I’m giving away a print of the original highland cow canvas. To enter the competition, just comment on this post! Say something important to you! I’ll ask my kids to draw a name in a hat this Friday! Share if you like! Open WORLDWIDE! It will arrive before Christmas.

Had help today with filming, thanks Stefan for the support! Here is the result!!

I’m so excited about tomorrow, we will meet with another artist and friend of mine, she never done Ice bath and will also paint her canvas while in the water! That’s amazing, the first step is usually the hardest but it’s the only way to climb the summit.

Any crazy idea you have for me tomorrow? See you!



Found a gift in the washing machine, must have been the elf. He knows me well.

Day 5 of the ice bath painting challenge, and while I finish with my favorite hobby… it was time for Kerstin to arrive. Getting ready for her first ice bath, trying to find some new paint brush for her around the house!

Today I decided to focus on the frame and what best than the good old multi tool for that!?

Probably my too much vibration for the snow that was waiting above my head to fall and adding some more to the ice bath, the difficulty was for me to old the canvas properly without destroying it in the water.

But enough! Go Kerstin!



"Getting uncomfortable will expand one’s comfort zone, so go out and seek discomfort." That’s what Simon says! Yeah! Simon is a professional mountain guide, I’ve met him this summer in the Austrian alps.

Day 6 of the ice bath barrel painting challenge. Getting ready with a little help form the CO2 laser, and while the sun is out today, their is still ice in that barrel! The water kept dripping on the canvas, was pretty anxious about ruining it but I quickly forgot about it and focused on the painting!

I’m here to learn and to get better at what I do, so I pushed further and decided to go under… but wait, you think that’s crazy… Look at Simon from get2nature actually swimming in zell am see lake… definitely seeking for discomfort! Well done man and thanks for sharing with us!

Canvas is looking amazing, im looking forward to continue tomorrow!

Remember to enter the competition to win the highland cow print! Winner announced tomorrow!



Kids off school and we had a birthday party to celebrate. I still managed to gather all names for competition but no choice but to go in the barrel later this evening, in the dark. I’ve asked my friend Noah to pick a name and the winner of the highland cow canvas is STEVEN ANDERSON! Congrats!

Friday night is pizza night!? What best than a pizza cutter to draw mountain outlines.

I found out that the challenge isn’t the ice cold water or the painting anymore, but make it all happen within the day, every day. Another reason why I’ve decided to do this challenge. To prove myself that regardless how packed is my day, I shall find the way to be more efficient and maximize the results.

Going in that Ice bath is boosting my creativity and definitely help me to realize how much we can still accomplish even if we think we are done!

To boost your motivation I decided to put another print for GIVE AWAY. Comment on the post to enter the competition!



Day number 8 so…. 8min20second in the ice cold water. That’s wasn’t the plan of today’s ice bath barrel painting challenge.

Walking the dogs I was thinking about how I could use 24 carat GOLD on the canvas!

A last laser cow cut for this new skill that I’ll learn the hard way!

Using gold leaf is extremely difficult, but while snowing, windy and in ice bath… i was going to learn the hard way!

That new technique was completely taking me away from the ice, I had also to hold my breath as much as possible to avoid blowing the leaves away… I end up being so calm, and relaxed I had to reconnect to take the decision to come out.

I’ve never stayed as long as this and I had to drink lots of mate to warm up later!

I hope you guys enjoyed this, I’m so happy with the painting!

Tomorrow might be the last day of painting the canvas but I can assure you isn’t the last of me going in the ice bath!



Sunday I went in the ice again to paint the canvas one last time. Welcome to day 9 of my ice bath barrel painting challenge.

The last addition to our canvas will be the Dara knot, in honour of my time spent in wonderful Caledonia, to my amazing wife and my 3 kids with whom I’ll not be who I am today.

Influenced by the roots of an ancient oak tree, The Dara knot is as a symbol of strength, wisdom and endurance. I think this was spot on considering the challenge.

I’ve learned so much during those last 9 days, including new skills and knowledge. But my most valuable lesson is that we won’t change, we need to seek for the light inside of us. We already have the strength and the ability to make our lives better. But that same life sometimes just wants to take over our minds to blind us.

What best than a good old whisky sour to celebrate. And good occasion to test my cocktail smoker prototype… Really, isn’t bad at all!

Cheers everyone, thanks for putting up with me. Go and find your challenge, if you not already at it! See you next time!



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