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The Barrel LAMP™ collaboration, an illuminating innovation...

The Barrel LAMP™ Collaboration

Are you a wine or whisky enthusiast seeking to add a touch of rustic elegance to your space?

Look no further, because the Barrel LAMP™ collaboration between an Artist; Faitmaiz and an innovative LED lighting system engineer;

Pegasus Systems is about to light up your world!

In a world where sustainable living and unique design are increasingly sought after, this one-of-a-kind

Barrel LAMP™ offers a perfect blend of artistry, functionality, and eco-consciousness. Let's talk about this remarkable collaboration that brings together the worlds of art, sustainability, and cutting-edge lighting technology.



The Artist: Crafting Beauty from Barrels

Our story begins with the artist, specialized in upcycling wine, rum and whisky barrels into works of art.

Each barrel tells a story, having once held the exquisite nectar of grapes or grains, and the artist gives these barrels a second life as captivating home decor pieces. Preserving the natural patina and character of the barrels while we customise them into unique lamps.

The Engineer: Innovative LED Lighting Expertise

Enter the LED lighting system engineer, whose expertise lies in creating cutting-edge lighting solutions. In this collaboration,

the LED E27 light bulb and complete electrical system are supplied by Pegasus Systems GmbH. This forward-thinking company is renowned for its innovative lighting technologies, ensuring the Barrel LAMP™ not only radiates charm but also offers energy-efficient and long-lasting illumination.

The Barrel LAMP™: A Perfect Marriage of Art and Technology

The marriage of these two creative forces results in the Barrel LAMP™, a must-have for wine or whisky enthusiasts and anyone with an appreciation for fine craftsmanship. This unique lamp offers a harmonious blend of old-world charm and modern efficiency.

Each Barrel LAMP™ is a work of art, with no two lamps being identical. The natural aging and weathering of the barrels create distinctive patterns, ensuring that your lamp is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Thanks to the advanced LED technology provided by Pegasus Systems GmbH, the Barrel LAMP™ is an energy-efficient lighting solution that will last for years, reducing both your carbon footprint and electricity bills.

The dimmable feature allows you to adjust the brightness to your liking, enabling you to set the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Whether you desire a cozy, intimate glow or bright illumination, the Barrel LAMP™ offers full customization.

Introducing the Barrel LAMP™ into your living space not only illuminates your surroundings but also elevates your interior decor. The rich history of wine and whisky barrels adds a touch of rustic elegance, making it a perfect addition to both modern and traditional settings. Whether in a living room, bedroom, or home bar, this lamp will be the conversation piece that ties the room together.

In a world where mass-produced items dominate, the Barrel LAMP™ collaboration stands as a beacon of uniqueness and sustainability. By bringing new life to old barrels and integrating state-of-the-art LED technology, it redefines what a lamp can be. So, why settle for ordinary when you can have something as extraordinary as the Barrel LAMP™?

Create your space with us today and light up your world with a piece of art that not only brightens your home but also adds character, history, and a touch of rustic charm. It's more than just a lamp; it's a statement of art, sustainability, and innovation, and it's waiting for you to bring it into your life.



Artwork copyright Pierre Vennen Bienenweg 3 A-1170 Wien Pegasus Systems GmbH Brachtlgasse 23

A-1230 Wien

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