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Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Laser Cutting & Engraving Services

Ross is THE guy if you need engraving done. Really proud to have build this business relationship over the last few years. He is such a professional and is truly dedicated to his job. His engravings add the final smart and modern touch to Faitmaiz creations, allowing to personnalise their project to the very last detail. Thanks for your support! Check them up also on facebook and instagram!


"At The Altered State we are designers and makers of cool things.

We utilise digital technology combined with woodworking and fabrication techniques to turn your idea in to a custom product or to personalise a product you already have. 

The range of services we offer include laser cutting, laser engraving and a CNC service, and we combine this with traditional woodworking from our base in Angus near Dundee where we supply clients both locally and nationally with high quality products, service and design. "

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